Kelowna Has The Most Cases Of Rescued Dogs In BC

Kelowna Has The Most Cases Of Rescued Dogs In BC

Sad fact: Kelowna residents are losing their dogs more often than anywhere else in British Columbia.

A creature salvage in Kelowna is requesting support from the network in attempting to spare various mutts from a separate in Manitoba.

Paws it Forward is searching for gifts to attempt to move a few canines securely to Kelowna.

We’ve stacked various vehicles with more than 50 pet hotels and we’re well on our way! We will probably spare the same number of mutts as we can from the terrible destiny of the winnows.

Berens waterway and Bloodvein hounds: Your new life is standing by! Lives without craving, torment or the dread of being executed! Hang on sweet canines, WE’RE COMING FOR YOU!!!!

Much obliged to you to everybody who has bolstered our mass salvage up to this point! A major gratitude to all the stunning volunteers going out today just as Dave Brooker.

The gathering says that a critical winnow is occurring in Manitoba, where K9 Advocates works and is additionally attempting to spare the same number of pooches as they can before they are pursued and shot.

A people group we worked with has told us that they are doing a pooch winnow this week. They have requested that we evacuate the same number of pooches as we can before the separate. We can’t take in more canines without submitted cultivate homes. Cultivating for us is present moment while we discover a receiving salvage out of territory. On the off chance that you can cultivate a grown-up hound please message us ASAP.

“We are attempting to help as well as can be expected, however this late spring was exceptionally hard on our financial balance and we are requesting that individuals assist us with supporting these little guys (and ideally others) to fly here,” said Paws it Forward.

Please make sure to track your dog carefully. When unleashed, make sure to use proper GPS collars with long-distance, e.g. Garmin collars.

The full list of the cities with lost dogs:

  1. Kelowna
  2. Vancouver
  3. Burnaby
  4. Surrey
  5. Coquitlam
  6. Vernon
  7. Okanagan
  8. Revelstoke
  9. Port Moody
  10. Whistler

Please make sure to leash your dog and keep an eye!