Kelowna Beaches

Kelowna Beaches

There’s no better spot for family fun. Kelowna parks wake up in the late spring with entertainment for all ages including outdoor concerts, motion pictures, buskers, performers and various festivals. Most of Kelowna’s parks highlight sandy beaches and a few have watersport rentals accessible. Show up sooner than expected. Remain all day. Relax and take a plunge while the children investigate the playgrounds. Build a sandcastle or go for a walk. The stops and sea shores around Kelowna are picturesque, so remember your cameras!

With more than 30 sea shores it might be difficult to pick, here are 5 of the most well known sea shores in Kelowna: Hot Sands Beach, Boyce-Gyro Beach, Rotary Beach, Sarson’s Beach, and Strathcona Park.

In case you’re searching for more experience, we have wild stops where hiking, biking and bird watching are most loved exercises as well.

3 Must Visit Beach in Kelowna

1. Hot Sands Beach

Situated in the midtown center inside City Park, this sea shore is a Kelowna staple for local people and travelers the same. There is continually something going on, with a lot of sun, sand and flavorful food to go around. Along these lines, get together the children and the floaties and head downtown for a day at the sea shore.

2. Boyce-Gyro Beach (Kelowna)

Gyro Park Beach is one of Kelowna’s most notable and most loved sea shores. Situated in South Kelowna, Boyce-Gyro Park is mainstream for the conveniences it offers, it’s nearby area to the Mission Park and Pandosy shopping regions and it’s likewise near pleasant inns and inns in the South Kelowna city territory.

Otherwise called Boyce-Gyro Park, the recreation center and sea shore was given to the Kelowna Gyro Club (a men’s social club) in 1932, by a neighborhood Dr. Benjamin deFurlong Boyce. The Gyro Club later bought adjoining parts to make the recreation center greater, and afterward gave the recreation center to the city of Kelowna in 1974.

Gyro Beach Park has loads of grass and is all around concealed, so you can be in the sun, or not.

3. Kin Beach

This little park ignores the Strait of Georgia and offers grand perspectives on the terrain. Guests and nearby inhabitants head to Kin Beach to investigate the rough sea shore or appreciate a cookout under the shade of develop Douglas fir trees.


  • Drifting – Paddlers can dispatch from the sea shore in the recreation center.
  • Angling – The waters around Kin Beach park are mainstream for calculating. Salmon, rockfish and shellfish are the most well known species. Angling is allowed according to commonplace and government angling guidelines.
  • Play area – Kin Beach Park has a play area zone with swings, seesaw, carousel and a wilderness rec center.
  • Swimming – There are open doors for sea swimming. At elevated tide, lagoons structure giving a sheltered territory to kids to swim.